A large email list alone does not generate revenue, but the use of partner relationships


Find out how this product owner was able to jointly market her products – and the products of other like-minded entrepreneurs – through an AWeber integration. helps people live healthier, happier and more productive lives by giving tips to help them organize themselves.

The website's founder, Maria Gracia, has successfully expanded her email list by offering visitors free, valuable content in the form of e-books, checklists, challenges, articles, videos and print templates. It also endeavors to offer relevant products via affiliate links in its emails.

However, Gracia has learned that a large list in itself does not generate revenue. Consistently offering fresh, relevant products to generate income requires a lot of time, energy and financial resources. For this reason, Gracia markets its products – and the products of other like-minded entrepreneurs – by integrating AWeber into ClickBank.

ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace where entrepreneurs can earn commissions on the products of others they advertise and sell. This is a win-win situation for both the product owner and the partner who advertises the product. Not only do both parties earn revenue, the partner also saves time looking for products that they know the audience will love.

Gracia creates new content every few months by regularly following current trends and observing what other small businesses offer as lead magnets. She currently offers two free resources to help people survive and thrive while they distance themselves socially.

Her audience was grateful for the free content and saw a nice surge in subscriber growth.

"Instead of just offering our free newsletter, we found that offering various resources, such as the COVID-19 guides, is not only very up-to-date and up-to-date, but also does a very good job of expanding our list," says Gracia.

Gracia mentions the free resources on her website and social media channel.

Sign in to access two free resources

There is not a single page on where you cannot find a link to a registration form. The AWeber registration forms contain details about the content subscribers receive and contain an attractive image to draw their attention. Gracia only asks visitors for their email addresses to make the process as rational as possible so people can be added to their list.

Gracia encourages subscribers to share their free resources and tips with family and friends, and collects additional email addresses through a link to the sign up form in their newsletter.

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Gracia greets each new subscriber with an automated welcome email that details what they can expect from as a new subscriber.

"I can't imagine a company without email marketing. And if you don't have a newsletter or free content for your list, other people can leave or find valuable content elsewhere. I think it's such a bad service, when a company doesn't have an email newsletter list, ”Gracia says.

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Three key elements have come together to grow the business.

  1. Free content to expand your email list
  2. A free daily newsletter that recommends a product of the week
  3. Revenue from the product presented weekly

Keeping your product line fresh and varied enough to be a regular source of income can be difficult. has found that co-marketing with other entrepreneurs helps complement their product line. helps promote other companies' products, and other companies promote their products in return.

“When it comes to co-marketing, everything is very transparent and it works well for us. Like everything else, co-marketing requires a little enthusiasm and a little work to find the right products and partners. It's just about building relationships, and it can be a slow but rewarding process. Sometimes you find a partner that is amazing for you, ”Gracia says. presents a new product every week. They have the same product in their daily emails this week.

The product of the week is presented daily with a short description and a picture.

Product of the week short description and visual

Gracia writes a detailed description of the product and the time-limited bonuses offered.

Detailed description of the product of the week and the specific time-limited bonuses.

On the 6th day, the graphic is changed to "24 hours left". 24 hour graphics.

On the 7th day, the graphic is changed to "4 hours left". 24 hour graphics found that a daily email with a countdown to the sales process is very effective. “Two emails go out, one after 24 hours and one after 4 hours. These two emails alone almost quadruple the sales we made earlier in the week. It creates a sense of urgency. And our readers have expressed that they value memories. I help organize the people who want to be on my list, ”says Gracia. pays great attention to the companies they work with to ensure that their product is displayed correctly.

“We want to make sure that people understand who we are and our mission to help people get organized. We don't just want to sell things. We want to make sure that our product or the partner product we market together helps the person who buys it, ”says Gracia.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people focused on their courtyards and landscaping while seeking shelter. One of the partner products wanted to present was a landscaping program. partner offering with landscaping product. sends a monthly contest. Gracia offers cash rewards to encourage partners on their email list to promote their product. email partners about the contest to earn a cash bonus

ClickBank is a global retail and affiliate marketplace. You can submit your product for sale to other partners or select products for sale in your newsletter. It is important to choose products that you think will appeal to your audience.

The integration of AWeber in ClickBank makes co-marketing and affiliate product advertising incredibly easy. You select the product and receive a link to include it in your newsletter or on social media. If a member of your target group buys this product, you will receive a commission. Commissions vary by product, but are generally around 50%.

"So it's a win-win situation for everyone. I think ClickBank is wonderful because they don't have their own products at many new companies. I can't imagine just selling my own things, it's just not enough. You have to offer people a wide range of products and I can only recommend it as it is another source of income for businesses, ”says Gracia. regularly tests and develops its newsletter format. They used to send a long email once a week. You recently set the frequency to daily and also changed the format significantly.

Name change

The name of the email was in "GON in Five Minutes!" Changed. Each individual newsletter sent can be read in a maximum of five minutes and even contains the exact time that a particular newsletter takes to read. email stating the time it takes to read the email.

A piece of rich, organizing content

Each newsletter contains an essential organizational tip, instructions or a step-by-step process. The content alternates between an organizational checklist, an organizational strategy, a reader question or the reader's suggestion of how to organize.

Organizing tip for How to organize yourself while painting.

Free resources

Each newsletter contains links to the free resources available to subscribers. follows trends and adds new, up-to-date, downloadable resources every few months. free resources available in their email.

Advertised product of the week

A product is advertised all week. The featured product is either a product you own, or a ClickBank partner product or a co-marketing partner. product recommendation of the week in their daily email.

What's new

Since not all subscribers read every email every day, lists new content that has recently been added to their website.

List of new content published on the website.

Close message

Each newsletter includes a closing section with an inspirational quote and a short message from Gracia that encourages her readers to contact her and share her content with family and friends.

Completion message in the completion message.

Reaching people today is more difficult than ever because there are so many ways to communicate.

“But in my eyes, email marketing is still king. We wouldn't have a business without them, ”says Gracia. can use email to build and maintain a close relationship with its employees. They have thousands of subscribers who have received their newsletter for over 19 years.

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