How this artist tells visual stories via email to drive more Shopify sales.


Learn how he can use email marketing and Shopify to better understand his audience, make personal connections and grow his online business.

BOMONSTER is an artist who creates art and clothing for hot rod, truck and motorcycle fans with a unique scratchboard style to create his pictures with a sharp knife. A blackened board is scratched with a sharp Xacto blade, revealing a white layer underneath.

BOMONSTER visually tells a story through his scratchboard art, which creates an emotional connection with his audience. He sells his artwork at live music events and auto shows across the country and through his website with the help of his wife and adult children.

But BOMONSTER had a problem. He knew that he needed a way to stay in touch and connect with his customers. At shows, his customers kept asking him if he had an email list that he could subscribe to to get updates on his work.

He tried it himself by sending them PDFs from his personal email, but most of his messages went to spam folders. In addition, creating emails itself was tedious and lacked eye-catching design and branding – important elements for an artist.

Not only did he need an email marketing solution that could be easily integrated into his Shopify website, he also needed an email marketing provider with the features he needed to run his business. He also wanted something affordable and powerfully simple. AWeber was the perfect option.

At live shows, BOMONSTER found that he was constantly asked if he had an email list to get updates.

He knew he had to set up an email marketing plan to build customer relationships.

“I did a lot of research on email service providers (ESPs) when I opened my Shopify website, and most of them were too expensive or offered analytics that were too advanced for my launch requirements. I read some positive reviews from AWeber that made it look like it was easy to use. That's why I decided to try AWeber, ”says BOMONSTER.

BOMONSTER was looking for an ESP that works seamlessly with Shopify and gives him the freedom to create and change the look of his website.

“I think it's great that AWeber works well with Shopify. Everything is seamless, from the pop-up forms that are built into my lists, to product and blog links in my emails, ”says BOMONSTER.

Shoper's Shopify integration also enables tag support, so you can apply unique tags to any product your subscribers buy. You can also use tags to identify customers who have shown great interest in your product but have not yet bought it. Then you can send them a message to motivate them to make the final purchase.

How to set up tag support in Shopeb's integration with AWeber

  1. Connect your Shopify integration to AWeber.
  2. Choose "Advanced Settings".
  3. Enter the "Product", the "List" and any "Tags" that you want to automate.
  4. Click the green "Add Automation" button after entering the individual tags.
  5. To automate a specific campaign, go to the "Messages" tab in the AWeber dashboard and click on "Campaigns".
  6. Select the campaign you want to automate and click the blue "Replace trigger" button.
  7. Then select the blue "Tag Applied" button.
  8. In the side column, under "Tag applied", enter the tag that you want to trigger for each campaign.
  9. Activate your campaign.

Connected: In this demo, you will learn more about AWeber's Shopify integration

Emails are about creating an emotional connection and telling an assignable, visual story. Every email BOMONSTER sends tells a story and creates a deeper and more meaningful connection to its audience. Below are some of his favorite email moments.

Another approach to vacation promotions

BOMONSTER's primary goal for emails is sales. However, if they look too "salable", this can affect the opening rate. He tries to avoid the pattern of continuous discounts, instructions, or new emails – he understands that these can be effective strategies in small doses – but wants the customer to be always surprised by something new.

Instead of the traditional promotional email for holidays, he sent the message "Merry Christmas – thanks for your support" for Christmas with a cool Santa Hot Rod graphic. He found that it generated sales because it was an alternative to the holiday sell / sell / sell emails.

Holiday email from BOMONSTER with a Santa Hot Rod graphic.

BOMONSTERS "fiercest competitor"

During COVID-19, BOMONSTER sent an email that linked to the websites of some artist friends and described them as its "toughest competitor".

The other three artists he promoted in this email are friends of BOMONSTER. "We are all self employed and going through a difficult time. It could have been a little reverse psychology to nurture myself while I was nurturing it. But it came from a real place where I was and wanted to be a fan of all of their work that my customers support all the good work in this category without worrying about who gets the sale, ”says BOMONSTER.

Email with other artists.

Father's Day – celebrate Dad, the ultimate photo bomber

On Father's Day, BOMONSTER sent a funny story about his father, who always accidentally bombarded his pictures with photos.

BOMONSTER email with pictures of his father Photo bomb card show pictures.

Virtual auto show

BOMONSTER monitors corporate brands and how they react to customer trends. Music and entertainment went 100% to streaming services. Zoom meetings became popular and live events began to brand themselves as "virtual" experiences.

BOMONSTER thought that a virtual auto show via email could be a fun way to use his previously taken auto show photos to connect with his audience if those auto shows were canceled.

BOMONSTER email on the virtual auto show.

When companies adapt to an online sales model, those who connect personally with their customers win. One of the advantages of small businesses is the ability to speak credibly personally to customers.

BOMONSTER knows many of its customers from live events or social media. He decided to write his first person emails to create a more personal "letter" feeling.

“My emails show that I am a person, not a company. I don't mind being personal because I imagine actual customers when I write, ”says BOMONSTER.

Art is an emotional decision and rarely a rational purchase. Either it grabs you or it doesn't. “Not everyone likes my art, but those who do love it. I can't say anything to those who don't want to change their minds. All we can control is to present it as best as possible and hope that someone references it enough to want it, ”says BOMONSTER.

With email, BOMONSTER can virtually present his art, which is seen by more potential customers.

BOMONSTER email about his original art orders.


BOMONSTER opens emails it receives and takes note of what they look like and how they communicate. Some inspire, others close immediately. It identifies what it likes and what it can emulate.

BOMONSTER's five rules for email marketing:

  1. Kind victories over disingenuous
  2. Fun wins over boredom
  3. Good art direction wins over standard forms
  4. Clarity wins over complexity
  5. Design for cell phones and it will work on the desktop too

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